Tele ® Neck II

DS20 / DS20-D

Telecaster ® rhythm pickup with alnico 2 rod magnets for a sweeter and smoother sound. This single-coil model is tapped-wound for two levels of output and different tone responses that can be easily switched by a push-pull, push-push or on-on mini switch. Warm tone with great sustain with the tapped output and tight middle-bass response with more aggressive attack in the full option, this pickup has a rounder sound with a spongier bass tone making it well suited to brighter instruments.
Proudly made in Florida-BA, this pickup is hand built in our workshop and wax potted for squeal free operation.

  • OUTPUT: Moderate
  • DC RESISTANCE: 9,6K (tapped) y 12,4K (full)
  • MAGNETS: flat hand-beveled ALNICO 2 polepieces
  • RESONANCE PEAK: 3,04KHz (tapped) y 2,6KHz (full)
  • INDUCTANCE: 2,97 Henries (tapped) y 5,08 Henries (full)
  • CABLE: 2-conductor shielded
  • COVER: chrome plated brass cover and gold brass cover.
  • BASE: fiberglass with 6/32” treads and through-hole screws for both types of Telecaster® pickguards.
  • INCLUDED COMPONENTS: 2 type of mounting screws, pickup height adjustment tubing and wiring diagram.