DS33-T / DS33-TN

Versatile P.A.F ‘59 humbucker with a genuine nickel-silver cover. The tone is warm and crystalline, with sweet sustain, full-sounding chords and bright attack. The high end is slightly boosted with a balance response. There isn’t a pickup that the AH1 cannot work within. It pairs all right with a high output bridge humbucker like the AH3-B or Tóxico-TB or a vintage output pickup like the AH1-B (bridge) or PAF II-B (bridge).
Protect by a thin tape, the magnet wire is wound very close to the metallic slugs and metallic thread slugs of each bobbin, providing extra sensitivity and sustain compare to any other humbucker pickup. Comes with a 4-conductor shielded wire for multiple wiring options including coil-cut, which offers a single coil crystal tone.
Proudly made in Florida-BA, this pickup is hand built in our workshop and wax potted for squeal free operation.

  • OUTPUT: Moderate
  • DC RESISTANCE: 7.3K (neck) and 8K (bridge)
  • MAGNET: ALNICO 5 bar
  • RESONANCE PEAK: 3.1KHz (neck) and 2.95KHz (bridge)
  • INDUCTANCE: 4.05 Henries (neck) and 4.73 Henries (bridge)
  • CABLE: 4-conductor shielded
  • COVER: hand polished nickel-silver with stamped logo.
  • BASE: shielded CEM1 with easy-connector system.
  • INCLUDED COMPONENTS: Mounting screws, pickup height adjustment springs and wiring diagram.